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Activities marking Kosovo Earth Days have started now


UN-Habitat Kosovo in partnership with UNDP Kosovo and UN Kosovo Team is organizing KOSOVO EARTH DAYS during the week of April 19-23, 2021. During this week, there will be several awareness raising campaigns and activities on environmental protection, organized across different cities in Kosovo.

Pristina Urban Garden, a temporary installation located at Skenderbeg Square marked the beginning of Kosovo Earth Days. This green oasis at the very center of Pristina reminds us the importance of public&green spaces on improvement of livability. 

In partnership with the cultural alternative center 7 Arte (based in Mitrovica South), UN-Habitat will be screening two documentaries in its Inclusive Development Programme’s partner municipalities of Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North. Selection of documentaries for each municipality has been done according to their respective environmental issues. Since Mitrovica North has less green and open spaces, the documentary to be screened there will be Urban Roots, showing the emergence of urban gardens in a postindustrial city (Detroit). Whereas the one in Mitrovica South will be The Human Element, showing the relationship of humans with the natural world and basic elements of life (earth, air, water and fire), including climate change impacts in human settlements.

Both documentaries aim to increase awareness on environmental and climate change issues among the local communities, as well as to initiate discussions on the related issues and measures that should be taken.

UN-Habitat Kosovo Head of Office, Mr. Omar Siddique will be making a keynote address at the Save the Planet Conference on 22nd April, hosted by RCT/CBM, YIHR-KS, and NSI. Bringing to the table his 17 years of experience in managing sustainable urban development, the conference presents a chance to further discuss environmental issues, challenges ahead and possible solutions towards sustainability. 

Check the calendar below and join us on the upcoming earth-friendly events, contributing on raising awareness on environmental protection.