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Another output resulting from inter-municipal cooperation within the Collegia of Directors for Spatial Planning!


Regular meetings of the Directors of the Collegia for Spatial Planning (Association of Kosovo Municipalities) have highlighted many of the daily challenges faced by the Departments of Urbanism in the Municipalities of Kosovo. With the support of the “Inclusive Development Programme” / UN-Habitat all these challenges are divided into several categories which have been evaluated through an on-line survey. Challenges within the Department of Urbanism, with other municipal Departments, public companies, regional companies and regional agencies, with ministries and with private companies for drafting spatial documents are summarized in the “Assessment of Challenges of the Departments of Urbanism in Kosovo Municipalities”, which can be downloaded at the link below.

Congratulations to the member Departments of the Collegia for Spatial Planning, looking forward to overcoming these challenges together through the creation of inter-institutional cooperation bridges and the “City-to-city” dialogue!