MuSPP2- Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme, phase 2 (2008-2011)

Programme in Brief  

Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme in Kosovo, phase 2

Funded by: the Government of Sweden through the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency, Sida,

Implementation: UN-HABITAT in Kosovo, as an implementing agency, with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. Direct cooperation with partner municipalities which have already signed Memoranda of Understanding with the programme include: Mitrovice/Mitrovica, Peje/Pec, Prizren, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Ferizaj/Urosevac, Junik, Hani i Elezit/General Jankovic, as key counterparts. Negotiations on limited technical support to Shtime/Stimlje, Mamushe/Mamusha and Kacaniq/Kacanik are under way. Consultations held with the Ministry for Local Government Administration and the Association of Kosovo Municipalities.

Duration: 3 years, closing date April 30, 2011

Main Principles

MuSPP2 is the second and a more advanced phase of the earlier programme. Its concept was developed in cooperation with partner municipalities to ensure consolidation of the planning activities conducted under MuSPP1. The programme’s design was consulted with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Association of Kosovo Municipalities and Sida.

The programme addresses the need for strengthened capacities of the local authorities and their professional officers for the implementation of municipal and urban development plans developed under MuSPP1. It also relates to the existing expertise and experience in local and central bodies responsible for the planning activities (e.g. municipal departments of urbanism, Department of Spatial Planning and the Institute of Spatial Planning at the Ministry). The cooperation at the central level will be focussed on addressing issues which are not within the scope of municipal competencies and where support of the central level is essential. MuSPP2 will seek a more direct involvement of civil society organisations in the implementation of the programme through the system of cooperation agreements. Based on the lessons learned from the earlier experience, the delivery of technical advice and support will be done this time through a project-based approach with a strong result orientation.


Methodology and Areas of Assistance

Technical assistance and support to the partner municipalities will be delivered by MuSPP2 municipal support teams composed of international and  Kosovan planning advisors. The location of these teams in the field will be  closely linked to the proposed cooperation zones and centres discussed with counterparts. These zones and centres are in turn related to the broader concept of Kosovo regions specified in the Kosovo Spatial Plan. The municipal support teams of MuSPP2 will also give limited, targeted assistance to some smaller municipalities included in the programme. The planning functions will be supported by the central unit at the Prishtine/Pristina office  for the activities related to governance, public participation and gender aspects, legal advice, and information and  communication.  The programme will be also make use of a team of long- and short term consultants, both international and Kosovar to deal with specific thematic issues.

Intensive on-the–job assistance and learning-by-doing remain two primary methods of capacity building in the partner municipalities with a view to help consolidate the cyclic planning approach, assist the newly established urban planning and management units, and increase responsiveness and quality of the local institutions. On-the-job assistance will also go to the identification of strategic capital projects resulting from the planning process and their implementation and management, including actual capital investments. Technical assistance will be designed to prepare and develop various planning instruments and action-plans for priorities deriving from the municipal/urban development planning process and its subsequent roadmap for implementation. These include (inter)sector plans and policies such as sustainable urban transport, environmental action plans as well as implementation plans such as urban regulatory plans, project development and financial plans. Informal settlements will continue to be the subject on which MuSPP2 teams will cooperate with the central level institutions, local partners and international organisations.

Practitioners’ experience sharing and networking with European planning institutions and rooting the programme within a broader regional and European context will be another means of strengthening capacity of Kosovan planners. Cooperation framework with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning / Institute of Spatial Planning and the Department of Spatial Planning and with the Association of Kosovo Municipalities will be developed to support these institutions and to use their capacities and skills for the promotion of the modern planning methods. The programme will make the best use of lessons learned during 8 years of UN-HABITAT’s work in Kosovo and the region.



The programme was designed with the focus on the following objectives: 

  • Consolidation of municipal/urban strategic, inclusive, action-oriented, spatial planning process responding to the needs of men and women consolidated and broad range of planning instruments in use through strengthened capacities, cyclic planning approach, and efficient institutional structures
  • Support to developing strategic capital works projects resulting from the planning process that will be implemented in the gender-equal participatory manner 
  • Strengthening capacities, cooperation ownership and responsibility of central level institutions in order to deliver and safeguard sustainable planning support to municipalities
  • Assistance to policy actions and projects aimed at improving living conditions and security of tenure of vulnerable groups living in Informal Settlements through consolidated efforts of central, local and community structures   
  • Building capacities of other (smaller) municipalities for regional/ municipal/ urban development planning and cooperation through peer-support, using lessons learned and best practices.

Values and Norms

Throughout its implementation, MuSPP2 will follow the norms and principles of UN-HABITAT Agenda, Agenda 21, UN-HABITAT’s Gender Policy and its two global campaigns, on Security of Tenure and Good Urban Governance. It will also link to Millennium Development Declaration, particularly MDG 7 target 11, under which UN-HABITAT works for the improvement of living conditions of the most vulnerable groups. The programme will also be guided by Sida Urban and Gender Policies. Integrated strategic planning will be used as a tool to promote good governance among planning practitioners.



Office Contact Information

Krystyna Galezia

CTA / Programme Manager


Ministries Building "Rilindja", 10th Floor

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Tel.: +381 38 200 32611

Fax : +381 38 224 122

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UN-HABITAT Pristina Office:

Ministries Building "Rilindja", 10th Floor
10000 Prishtina, Kosovo
Phone: +381 38 200 32611
Fax: +381 38 224 122

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