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Infrastructure and transport issues discussed in Junik

23 December 2009

Many of these issues were raised in the visioning workshop or result from the urban plan developed earlier. Participants found this workshop constructive and suggested to have similar ones on culture and wild-life oriented tourism, agriculture and other topics important for the development of this municipality. click here for more information

Workshop in Ohrid for Junik Municipal Development Plan

09 November 2009

Ohrid workshop gathered representatives from Junik Municipality, MUSPP team, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Institute of Spatial Planning, CHwB, civil society and business community as well as other relevant stakeholder for a three days intensive work. click here for more information

Municipality of Peja/Pec consults with stakeholders for city centre improvement

26 October 2009

UN-HABITAT’s MuSPP team in cooperation with Municipality of Peja/Pec and Urban Plus a private company drafting an urban regulatory plan for the center of the city,, organized a consultation meeting with the local community, business owners and municipal experts on 23rd of October. This meeting was organised with a purpose of finding a sustainable solution for Skënderbeu square, the proposed area of capital investment project CIP, which will be in compliance with the regulatory plan for the city here for more information

Consultation event regarding urban design for city centre, “Skenderbeu” square, with local community and business owners

22 October 2009

The Municipality of Peja/Pec has developed a CIP that is derived from the MDP/UDP Implementation Roadmap The Peja/Pec CIP is located in the city centre, “Skenderbeu” square. The project aims to produce people-friendly space and to optimise the use of public space, through the promotion of non-motorised transport, walking and cycling. This CIP is developed in two phases. UN-HABITAT has provided technical support to Peja/Pec municipality for phase I, which is now being implemented) and is currently assisting in phase II design. click here for more information

Conference on Social Inclusion: Getting on track with the Millennium Development Goals in Kosovo

22 October 2009

Governance and Environment working group was led by Arijeta Himaduna, MuSPP /UN-HABITAT liaison and governance officer. The group discussed various issues such as the pollution of natural environment, water and solid waste management, informal settlements and illegal buildings and security from the perspective of gender and human rights. click here for more information

Roundtable debate on Envisioning Technique in Participatory Planning

12 October 2009

The purpose of this event was to provide feedback on the first cycle of envisioning workshops and deliver recommendations on how to use the technique in other municipalities. In his welcoming remarks, the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Mr. Mahir Yagcilar pointed to many issues which are closely related to the spatial and urban planning process. The existence of informal settlements and the need for providing land for sustainable development are among key priorities of this Ministry. click here for more information

World Habitat Day 09

07 October 2009

The United Nations has designated the first Monday in October as World Habitat Day.This day is celebrated annually in cities around the world since 1986. The World Habitat Day 2009 was held under the motto ‘Planning our urban future’ which incorporates participatory and inclusive approach as key principles of contemporary spatial planning. The main celebrations took place in Washington DC, here for more information

President Obama speaks out on World Habitat Day

06 October 2009

This year's theme is Planning Our Urban Future to raise awareness of the need to improve urban planning to deal with new major challenges of the 21st century so that our cities can manage and reduce the impacts of climate disruption, the economic crisis and urban poverty around the here for more information

World Habitat Day 09: Address by Dr. Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka on the occasion of World Habitat Day 2009

05 October 2009

The theme of World Habitat Day 2009 is Planning Our Urban Future. As Executive Director of the United Nations agency for human settlements for nearly a decade, I can tell you that there has never been a time within human memory when planning for our urban future was more urgent than it is now. Today, more than fifty percent – almost three-and-a-half billion – of our planet’s inhabitants live in cities. That number will rise to six billion within the next forty years. Nearly all of the earth’s population growth between now and 2050 will take place in here for more information

Capital Investment Project panel selection

28 September 2009

Three categories of project proposals were presented to the panel composed of representatives of Sida, CHwB and MESP. The first category comprised completed project proposals, which are ready to be advertised for the tender, in the second one, there were projects for which the pre feasibility study has been completed and in the third group, there were projects which are at the stage of project here for more information

MuSPP 2 engaged on promoting non motorized transport

28 September 2009

The main idea of the tour was to promote non-motorized transport as healthy way of transportation and to visit cultural heritage and natural sites of Kosovo. The tour followed less busy roads, by starting in Junik, as centre of cultural activities, while the activity ended in Hoqë e Madhe/Velika here for more information

Junik presents the Municipal Draft Profile for MDP

25 September 2009

The first draft of the municipal profile for the Municipal Development Plan was presented at a public consultation in Junik Municipality. Representatives were present from Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, neighbouring municipality Deçan/Decane, Italian KFOR, OSCE, municipal experts and a number of citizens. click here for more information

MuSPP activities presented at the donors coordination meeting

21 September 2009

The UN-HABITAT representative presented the objectives and outgoing activities of MuSPP scheduled for 2008-2011. These focus on the quality of life of Kosovo’s citizens through planned development. MuSPP support to the planning based capital projects, improvement of living conditions and security for vulnerable groups living in informal settlements are one of the main objectives of the programme. click here for more information

UN-HABITAT presents ideas on reorganizing the old city centre of Prizren

17 September 2009

Representatives of Municipal Assembly of Prizren confirmed that on the near future the surrounding area will be developed along similar lines to the Shadërvan. They added that this presentation demonstrated how the findings of the public consultations using the area audit approach were translated into ideas for a project. click here for more information

Tour de Culture 2009

08 September 2009

Register for the Culture Tour via e-mail, and stay tuned for more here for more information

Citizens participate in designing the access to primary school in Mitrovica

03 August 2009

Municipal Spatial Planning Suport Programme in cooperation with Municipality of Mitrovica and Meto Bajraktari primary school organized the third workshop on safe access to this primary school. This workshop is part of participatory design process and active engagement of all stakeholder groups like: pupils, parents, school management, HANDIKOS, neighbours, police, public utility companies and municipal officials. click here for more information

Area Audit of Historic Zone in Prizren

03 August 2009

Representatives of the Association of Craftsmen (women branch), business community, Council of Experts, local architects, representatives of people with mobility and vision impairments, NGOs dealing with cultural heritage, environment, arts and other groups of interest constituted the group of stakeholders that took part in this area audit. click here for more information

MuSPP2 helps Hani i Elezit/General Jankovic collect data for MDP and UDP

10 June 2009

The team of MuSPP2 together with the Municipality of Hani i Elezit/General Jankovic has been conducting a survey to collect data necessary for preparing a municipal profile. This document will be subsequently used in drafting the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Urban Development Plan (UDP). The survey will cover approximately 1500 households in the here for more information

MuSPP and stakeholders get together to increase safe road to school

15 May 2009

On May 14, 2009, Municipal Spatial Planning Suport Programme in cooperation with Municipal Assembly of Mitrovica and Meto Bajraktari primary school organized a workshop on safe access to this primary school. This workshop brought together municipal officers, teachers, representatives of Handikos, Kosovo Police, parents, pupils and residents of the neighboring area. click here for more information

MuSPP joins OSCE in raising awareness on housing and property rights

09 May 2009

A recent survey conducted by OSCE and analysed by MuSPP team showed a great diversity in the typology of informal settlements and indicated the need for a better understanding by all partners of the differences between informal settlements and illegal buildings. Addressing the issues of informal settlements is one of the key objectives of the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme and is closely linked with UN-HABITAT’s mandate and its commitments ensuing from the Millennium Development Goals. click here for more information

Mitrovica adopts Municipal and Urban Development Plans

05 May 2009

The Municipal Assembly of Mitrovica adopted the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Urban Development Plan (UDP), prepared by the consultants of Kosovo-based Lin-Project and “Metron” from Switzerland, during its session on May 4th, 2009 . A strong input to the plans was given in the form of a vision statement developed by representatives of stakeholders during a visioning workshop in Skopje, held from 11-15 January 2007, which was facilitated by UN-HABITAT click here for more information

Cycling Event launches Europe Day celebrations

04 May 2009

To mark the Europe Day in Kosovo, the European Commission Liaison Office in cooperation with Municipal Spatial Planning Support programme of UN-HABITAT, the Municipality of Prizren, the Kosovo Cycling Federation, and the Youth Centre Fisnikët organized a cycling tour in Prizren on May 3. here for more information

UN-HABITAT in Kosovo, since 1999

03 April 2009

by: Mr.Garth Seneque, UN-HABITAT Chief Technical Advisor click here for more information

Spatial Planning in Kosovo as topic of a lecture at the University of Florence

25 March 2009

The lecture delivered on February 10, 2009 was attended by students, professors and professionals. The first part of the lecture had an informative character and set a broader context for the spatial planning legislation and practice, both before and after the conflict, and presented UN-HABITAT’s engagement in this field through its current and earlier programmes. The second part was focused on discussion that was triggered by statements referring to the mechanisms aimed at enforcing development control, such as legislative framework, and on the need for empowering civil society. click here for more information

Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme presented in donor coordination meeting at MLGA

18 March 2009

Arijeta Himaduna, Officer of UN-HABITAT/MuSPP, presented the objectives and planned activities of MuSPP scheduled for 2008-2011. These are focused on the quality of life of Kosovo citizens through planned development. She highlighted several areas of the key focus for here for more information

UN-HABITAT supports Association of Kosovo Municipalities in Legal Issues

13 March 2009

Based on support given to Association of Kosovo Municipalities by UN-HABITAT, in the meeting of the Collegium of Spatial Planning, held on 13th of March 2009, UN-HABITAT presented the amendments of the Law on Spatial Planning. The presentation was done by the legal adviser of UN-HABITAT, Mr.Lazim Salihu. click here for more information

200 thousand euros for urban traffic

26 February 2009

On 25th of February 2009, Josef Meiten, representative from the Ministry of Transport and Mobility of Flemish Government of Belgium together with Ilhami Gashi, official from the Ministry of Transport of Kosovo, met with Ali Beisha, mayor of MA Peja. UN-HABITAT/MuSPP Programme in Kosovo contributed as well in many projects in Peja in regard of spatial planning as Pilot Project of the City Bus and compilation of MDP and UDP. click here for more information

Regional Capacity Strengthening Programme and Vienna Declaration

26 February 2009

UN-HABITAT delegates from the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme in Kosovo, contributed to a meeting of the Regional Capacity Strengthening Programme yesterday 25 February 2009, in Warsaw Poland. Also present was the Kosovo Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning with participation by its departments of Spatial Planning and here for more information

UDP of Ferizaj/Urosevac - Approved

30 January 2009

The three-year process of drafting the Urban Development Plan of Ferizaj/Urosevac was formally concluded with the approval of the document by the Municipal Assembly in its session on January 29, 2009. Drafting of the plan was contracted out to a consulting company, “Intech”, which completed its work in 2008. Ferizaj/Urosevac is the 4th partner municipality of the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme which has completed and approved its spatial here for more information


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