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The evaluation report of the Municipal Development Plan of Vushtrri, which is in function of drafting the Municipal Zoning Map, is published!


The Municipality of Vushtrri, supported by Inclusive Development Programme, has completed the evaluation report for the MDP of Vushtrri. The process brought together all relevant stakeholders in an effort to assess the level of legal compliance, assess the sustainability of the planning process through several interdisciplinary fields as well as to identify the missing data needed for drafting the MZM.

The evaluation was based on two methodologies: 1) Sustainability Assessment Framework, 2) Evaluation of the MDP based on legal requirements (necessary data for the MZM). The findings from this process were used as a roadmap to initiate further steps with regards to the drafting process of the Municipal Zoning Map.

For further insight please check the link below: https://unhabitat-kosovo.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/MDP-Vushtrri-Evaluation-Report.pdf