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International Housing Advisor
Deadline for applications: 7 April 2021
Duty station: Home based, with max. two travel assignments to Pristina, Kosovo


Issued on 22 March 2021

Functional title:
International Housing Advisor (for the feasibility study for Social Housing in Kosovo)
Duty station of assignment:
Home-based, with a maximum of two travel assignments to Pristina, Kosovo expected
Contract type:
Consultancy Assignment (IC)
Duration of assignment:
24 working days over the period from 15 April to 30 Sep 2021
Closing date for applications:
7 April 2021

UN-Habitat has been actively assisting Kosovo institutions in the field of governance, spatial planning and municipal administration since 1999. Building on the results and tools generated by the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme, UN-Habitat is implementing the Inclusive Development Programme supported by the Swedish Development Cooperation which aims to provide a strategic, comprehensive package of support to build municipal planning and management capacities, strengthen the social contract and social cohesion, and enhance coordination within a framework of inter-municipal cooperation and multi-level governance with a view to foster inclusive development and good governance in northern Kosovo.
In addition, UN-Habitat is supporting the Kosovo Government, respectively Department of Planning, Construction and Housing in the Ministry of Economy and Environment to conduct a feasibility study for a sustainable social housing programme in Kosovo. This study is supported with funding from the Italian Fund for Innovative Projects (IFIP) received through the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). In course of this support and in responding to the priorities set out by the Kosovo National Investment Committee, support will be provided under two components:
– Kosovo-wide assessment report on social housing needs (Output 1)
– Elaboration of social housing programme concept for Kosovo (Output 2)
For more general information on UN-Habitat in Kosovo, and details refer to the website: http://www.unhabitat-kosovo.org

The general purpose of the assignment is to provide technical assistance and peer review (including suggestions and recommendations) of respective outputs of the feasibility study for the social housing project for Kosovo. More specifically, the incumbent will be responsible to develop Output 2 (Elaboration of the programme concept for social housing programme in Kosovo) based on the findings derived from Output 1 (to be developed by Habitat for Humanity International-HFHI). In addition, the incumbent will ensure that Output 1 will be developed in line with the requirements of Output 2, by reviewing and providing specific suggestions and recommendations accordingly. The incumbent should work together with UN-Habitat staff and Habitat for Humanity International staff responsible for drafting this feasibility study.

A range of skills will be required: the ability to interpret legislative framework relating to housing and a good working knowledge of the housing policy and finance (including affordable housing loans/regulations), housing structures (local/central level); housing rights, land management, housing construction sector, housing database; ability to collect and interpret data, writing experience (policy recommendations), and
experience in drafting the programme concepts/project proposals for various International Financial Institutions. Experience in post-conflict areas is an added advantage.

Under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the Chief Technical Adviser (CTA), the International Housing Expert will be responsible for performing the following main tasks:

  1. Provide comments, suggestions, and advice related to housing aspects addressed within the Kosovo-wide assessment report (Output 1)
  2. Provide technical advisory assistance and support on matters relating to the housing structures and policies at both local and central government levels (Output 1)
  3. Develop a detailed programme concept for the social housing programme in Kosovo, based on the findings derived from the Kosovo-wide assessment report on social housing (will all elements specified in the table presented below (Output 2)
  4. Integrate comments on the programme concept from CTA, Project Advisory Committee (PAC) members, and other relevant stakeholders
  5. Participate in regular and ad-hoc consultative meetings with UN-Habitat and HFHI staff
  6. Provide monthly progress reports to CTA.

The assignment is expected to be for 24 working days over a period from 15 April 2021 and finishes not later than 30 September 2021. During the assignment, the International Housing Expert should provide/submit:



(working days)



Output 1

Peer review of the Kosovo-wide draft assessment on social housing needs


Familiarize him/herself with the project context (all existing documents/drafts) UN-Habitat Kosovo office respective staff will assist and supply available documents


Review, comment and provide recommendations (in writing) on the draft questionnaires, surveys and other related outputs during the drafting process of the Kosovo-wide assessment Reviewed Kosovo-wide draft-assessment


By end April
Review, comment and provide recommendations (in writing) on the Kosovo-wide draft assessment Reviewed Kosovo-wide draft-assessment


Output 2

Elaboration of the programme concept for social housing programme in Kosovo


– Develop the programme concept for social housing programme in Kosovo based on the findings of the Kosovo-wide assessment report, which should consist (among others):

Institutional set-up and legal framework

-the policy and legal framework

-project implementation structure

-national steering committee and project approval process

-project management unit (workload analysis)

-role/capacities/contribution of municipalities (incl. in-kind contribution; criteria-based open and transparent selection process developed (open call) considering borrowing capacity, project development, and implementation capacity, service land available, ownership, capacity to subsidize and maintain, vulnerable groups identified, etc.)

-role of technical assistance (capacity strengthening, advisory services, instrument and policy development, etc.)

-matrices of roles and responsibilities


Confirmation of beneficiaries and allocation of housing units (target groups and beneficiary selection criteria; beneficiary identification & selection process, allocation of housing units, process


Technical key issues (planning, building and usage permits, site, property right, infrastructure, design standards, construction methods, housing types, work supervision, management and maintenance of building, environmental aspects, housing digitalisation and IT platform, pipeline of projects, sustainability, etc.)

Programmatic matters (project implementation plan, procurement plan, risk assessment; project cost (costs and finances, financing plan, funding schedule, auditing plan, etc.).

Two missions to Pristina, Kosovo are expected during this time period if possible due to travel restrictions will be completed. The objective will be to meet with key institutions and stakeholders to collect additional data, as well as present draft Programme Concept to a meeting of the PAC.

Draft programme concept


Integration of comments from UN-Habitat PAC, CEB, and other related stakeholders into the final programme concept Second draft programme concept (with integrated comments) submitted to the CTA


Draft and submit the final Programme Concept and final report Final programme concept and progress report submitted to the CTA


Early Sept

24 w/d


The Consultant will be responsible for:
• Conducting and delivering activities and outputs as outlined above
• Demonstrating professional and ethical standards in conducting the tasks
• Performing the tasks in line with the allocated time-frame
• Informing UN-Habitat management about the progress of the assignment
• Delivering high-quality products

A succinct monthly progress report should be submitted regularly to the Chief Technical Advisor. A final report should be submitted at the end of the working period, detailing the activities, outputs and key observations. Both reports should be in English.

The fees will be paid in installments upon completion and acceptance of the outputs as specified in section Deliverables and Schedule above. A timesheet must be submitted by the individual contractor, duly approved by the CTA which shall serve as the basis for the payment of fees. The payment amount will be based on actual days worked for that period.

Professionalism: Demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter. Good research, analytical and problem-solving skills. Conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines, and achieving results. Communication: Excellent and effective written and oral skills; ability to persuade people with varying points of view and to present information in a concise and accurate manner, ability to clearly communicate links between the organizations. Planning and Organizing: Proven ability to plan, coordinate and monitor own work and that of others. Ability to work under pressure and uses time efficiently. Identifies priority activities and assignments, adjust priorities as required. Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals. Solicits input by valuing other’s ideas and expertise and is willing to learn from others.

Education and experience
• Advanced university degree preferably in urban management studies, architecture, planning and development studies plus professional practical experience in related field;
• At least 15 years experience in developing the housing programme concepts/proposals (including for IFIs), including project costs, timeline, responsible parties, etc.
• Experience in the assessment of the legal& regulatory frameworks in support of the social housing sector (housing database at central level; social welfare and housing registry at municipal level; housing support/unit allocation at central level; social welfare and housing registry at municipal level; housing support/unit allocation modality and criteria; actual social housing schemes and implementation capacities);
• Familiar with various housing issues/topics (housing rent/finances/loans, government debts/international agreements with IFIs (World Bank, CEB, etc), social housing buildings maintenance, housing and spatial planning documents, gender, the right to adequate housing, etc.);
• Experience in EU countries and Kosovo would be considered desirable;
• Good knowledge and understanding of best practices in good governance, public participation in relation to the development of housing policies/strategies, housing planning and development, etc. International experience would be an advantage;
• Familiar with international declarations related to housing, social housing best practices, etc.;
• High level of interpersonal skills. Capable of working in a team and undertaking initiative to ensure smooth relations and open communication within the team and with partners;
• Good analytical, solution defining and creative skills;
• Computer skill is a requirement;
• Excellent command of English – reading, writing and speaking;
• It is essential that the candidate be able to meet deadlines for reporting and all project work.
• English is the working language of UN-Habitat Kosovo Office; very good command of English is required – reading, writing and speaking; knowledge of local languages will be considered an advantage.

• Outstanding experience within the housing sector, incl. housing legislation and policies, housing rights; housing finance, management and maintenance of the housing stock, housing IT platforms, housing programmes etc.;
• Excellent knowledge and understanding of best practices within the field of housing and urban management. International experience would be an advantage;
• Solid experience in working and negotiating with various teams and a wide range of actors;
• Good analytical, solution defining, creative and interpersonal skills;
• Computer skill is a requirement;
Special considerations

The candidate should be:
• Familiar with, and committed to the goals of UN-Habitat
• Willing to take responsibility, act professionally at all times, and make sure tasks are fully completed
• Able to work under pressure in diverse environments with minimum supervision
• Sensitive to gender issues and issues of concern to vulnerable groups
• Flexible and prepared to pursue goals through teamwork
• Able to meet deadlines for reporting and all project work
• Express enthusiasm and willingness to continue learning new skills and share experiences with other members of the team



Interested candidates must submit an email quoting the post title and the duty station to the email address:   recruitment@unhabitat-kosovo.org

with the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

1.       Cover letter explaining why they are the most suitable for the work

2.       Completion of a CV in P11 Form which can be downloaded at: http://unhabitat-kosovo.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/p11_form.doc. The CV shall include information on past experience in similar projects and at least 3 references.

3.       Technical Proposal specifying how the project would be approached and providing a brief methodology on how they would approach and conduct the work

4.       Financial Proposal. The offeror’s letter including form for the financial proposal can be downloaded at: http://unhabitat-kosovo.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Financial_proposal_IC.docx

Deadline for applications: 7 April 2021

UN-Habitat does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions concerning persons or companies claiming to be recruiting on behalf of these offices and requesting the payment of a fee, please contact: recruitment@unon.org



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