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Action Plan workshop for the municipality of Skenderaj


The Municipality of Skenderaj with support of the Inclusive Development Programme (UN-Habitat) as well as the consulting company (Vizion Project) is organizing a joint workshop where the working draft of the Municipal Zoning Map of Skenderaj is being presented and discussed, and as well as collecting the suggestions/potential comments to complement and finalize the said document. Also, during this workshop will be drafted the Action Plan (which derives from the Municipal Development Plan of Skenderaj) which will serve to the easier and proper implementation of the Municipal Zoning Map of Skenderaj.

This meeting is being attended by representatives of the Institute for Spatial Planning/MESP, UN-Habitat, representatives from all municipal departments, civil society organizations, regional public companies and representatives from the consulting company.

All participants are working intensively and with dedication in order to have a qualitative planning document that above all will offer the opportunity for achieving the best and most sustainable solutions for all citizens of the Municipality of Skenderaj.