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Call for NGOs to participate in LoCAF


Application deadline: 15 October 2021, 17:00 hrs

Email to kastriot.jahaj@un.org

The email must quote: Application for LoCAF membership – Name of the organization

Instruction to applicants

1. Proposals will be received only as video materials, showcasing the previous works/ activities of the applicant addressing issues such as local environment, nature based solutions, climate induced disasters (flooding, fires, etc.), urban heat island effect, green/circular economy, waste management, reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions, intervention in green public spaces, etc. and how will the applicant influence its community and municipal leaders to address climate change.

2. Video proposals should be two up to three minutes.

3. Proposals can be submitted in English, Albanian, Serbian, and Turkish languages.

4. Proposals received after the submission deadline and those failing to provide the requested information will be disregarded.

5. Any clarification queries and correspondences should be sent by email to Kastriot Jahaj, kastriot.jahaj@un.org, until 15 October 2021.

Purpose of the Call for Membership

UN-Habitat Kosovo is inviting NGOs to participate in LoCAF, to address climate changes in Kosovo.

This is a pivotal year to restore balance with nature, tackle the climate emergency, and get ahead of the pollution crisis, while ensuring no one is left behind. We are facing existential threats to our planet and to humanity. People’s lives and livelihoods are at risk, and we must act now. We must make this year the beginning of a decade of action, transformation, and restoration to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the goals of the Paris Agreement (Climate Accord) and build a sustainable and prosperous world that benefits everyone, everywhere.

As the world is responding to end the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 will be a make-or-break year in the global effort to restore balance with nature, tackle the climate emergency and get ahead of the pollution crisis while attaining more equal and inclusive societies. People are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.

1. What are you doing to address climate change in your community?

2. How would you address climate change impacts in Kosovo?

3. How do you see the low carbon and climate resilient cities of the future?

These are the key issues we are trying to address.

The world is facing a climate emergency and increased action is needed to manage the adverse impacts of climate change and at the same time to mitigate/prevent it. If not 10 years ago, now is the second-best time to join the global efforts and commitments (of countries, cities, regions, businesses and financial institutions) to achieve net zero emissions.

Due to the lack of knowledge and awareness on dealing with climate change in Kosovo, there is a need to address these topics in a wider scale, to help the policy makers, other municipal stakeholders and the general public make informed decisions when drafting plans, strategies and other related studies. A multistakeholder approach is essential in the design and delivery of cost-effective adaptation policies, to adjust with the COVID-19 recovery which has led to increased emphasis on a climate friendly recuperation in line with implementation of the EU Green New Deal in Western Balkans. An important aspect of addressing climate change in Kosovo, is a renewed engagement towards the general public, local and central government institutions, and the civil society focusing on the importance of multi-stakeholder climate action approach.

In order to join the global initiatives in addressing global warming and make Kosovo part of the initiatives to respond to climate change, UN-Habitat Kosovo will join the UN Habitat Campaign #climateaction4cities during October 2021, to inspire action in urban areas to prevent climate change and adjust to its ongoing or anticipated impacts. The campaign will engage the UN-Kosovo Team which has an elevated focus on cities and climate change co-chaired by UN-Habitat.

What are we looking for?

In this call, UN-Habitat Kosovo is looking for partnerships with national and local non-profit organizations to participate in LoCAF and contribute to lower CO2 emissions, advocate and conduct impactful campaigns that will contribute to raising awareness on global warming in the community and local and national decision maker’s level.

UN-Habitat’s role will be the facilitation of this forum along with UN Kosovo Team and supporting the members of the forum towards presenting and implementing their projects locally and internationally.

The goal of this Forum is to establish a Kosovo-wide climate action platform for civil society that will continuously address climate change issues, create local, Kosovo-wide, and regional alliances, and follow global trends and policies for a more livable habitat for all. The UN has been at the forefront in helping countries and communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. The UN development system is stepping up its capacity to provide integrated policy advice to governments and broker partnerships to massively increase action to ensure it can help countries seize the opportunities in the transition to a sustainable future.

By 2030, we must cut emissions globally by 45 per cent to limit climate change to 1.5°C and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We are not on course to do either and we cannot wait to ramp up the pace. We are in a code-red emergency!

This is the year to walk the talk. Countries need to submit ambitious new action plans well ahead of the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow.


The video proposal should be short and concise.

1. Keep it short – really short. Your video should be two up to three minutes.

2. The opening of your video should be a short presentation of your organization and your main achievements. Continue with the issues in your community concerning the topic of climate action. And finalize the video with a statement/proposal how you will make an impact.

3. You can do this with a mobile phone too.

4. If the file is larger than 140 MB, send it via a download link.


This call is opened for Non-Governmental Organizations based in Kosovo.

NGOs that address community needs and have a previous expertise in addressing climate and environmental issues are encouraged to apply for this call.

UN-Habitat Kosovo encourages grassroot and community-based organizations to apply for this call.

One week before the deadline, NGOs will have the opportunity to receive more information in the framework of an information session for all interested parties, which session will be organized online, on Friday, October 15, 2021. To participate in the information session, please express your interest via email at kastriot.jahaj@un.org and you will receive the invitation.


Evaluation of video applications to be part of LoCAF will be based on the organizations approach to the questions below:

40 pts – What are you doing to address climate change in your community?

30 pts – How would you address climate change impacts in Kosovo?

30 pts – How do you see the low carbon and climate resilient cities of the future?

The evaluation panel consists of international organizations led by UN-Habitat Kosovo.