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Capital Investment Facility (CIF) is introduced to northern Kosovo municipalities


Seven (7) partner municipalities of the Inclusive Development Programme have now an opportunity to get a CIF support in co-financing and co-developing creative ideas extracted from the joint developed spatial planning document and/ or policies into tangible projects for the benefit of the communities/ citizens.

The primary objective of the CIF is to support the physical construction or arrangement of strategic facilities or infrastructure or services that is beneficial to the municipality, for example through advancing the revitalization and redevelopment of public spaces as neutral places of civic interaction or enhancing the environmental quality or preserving heritage; that promotes and demonstrates the added-value of inter-municipal cooperation (IMC) north-north and north-south and related facilities, through support cost-sharing and economies of scale in enhancement of regional infrastructure and service provision.

Through the implementation of selected Capital Investment Projects (CIPs), the Programme also aims to accelerate the transfer of knowledge/skills and capacity building of municipal staff as well as the relevant stakeholders to plan and prepare for the investment in capital projects and to manage and monitor the implementation process as well as the future sustainable operations and management of the asset. Beyond turning the plans into concrete improvements on the ground, this component will be supporting the empowerment of communities and their representatives to understand and to participate in project development, implementation and monitoring, amongst other things to enhance the proper use and sustainability of the interventions and thereby to add to the quality of life.

The in-house developed eligible project concepts respectively project plans and proposals must undergo the application process and be greenlighted by the Review Panel comprised of the Programme (Swedish Development Cooperation as the funder and UN-Habitat and PAX/CBM as the implementers) and the Partners (Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Ministry of Local Government Administration). The planning/ design stage would be concluded by signing an Agreement of Cooperation for each CIP setting the responsibilities of both parties (the Programme and the Partner Municipality/ ies) for the project implementation and post-implementation stages. Apart from the support that would be provided during the planning/ design stage to the Municipalities, the Programme would ensure its equal participation in the project tendering, implementation monitoring, performing financial procedures, reporting, auditing, etc.

Looking forward to receive inspired project proposals from the partner Municipalities.