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Facing the Covid-19 pandemic: our programmatic journey and the gender dimension!


The corona virus is global threat which poses great challenges to our society and lives. Gender-responsive actions and practices are crucial to ensure that this crisis does not impact women more significantly than men.

As the UN Secretary General stated in relation to Gender Based Violence and Covid-19:

”(…)violence is not confined to the battlefield. For many women and girls, the threat looms largest where they should be safest.

 In their own homes.

 And so I make a new appeal today for peace at home — and in homes — around the world.

 We know lockdowns and quarantines are essential to suppressing COVID-19.  But they can trap women with abusive partners.

Over the past weeks as economic and social pressures and fear have grown, we have seen a horrifying global surge in domestic violence (…)”

Through our programmatic journey, and notably with the actual development of Gender Strategic Frameworks with partner municipalities, the Inclusive Development Programme will continue emphasizing the need for embracing the gender dimensions in all immediate responses, policies, and long-term actions to avoid discrimination and gender-based disadvantages, incl. during pandemics.  Contributions to the prevention and response to gender-based violence and strengthening mechanisms and institutions are also keys in addressing the impact of Covid-19 for women and girls through coordinated action.

Report cases of domestic violence on the hotline number 0800 11 112 and get help. The number is free and operational 24/7.