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Kick-off of the Regional Visioning Workshop!


UN-Habitat/ Inclusive Development Programme, in close partnership with Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Ministry of Local Government Administration, have brought together inter-disciplinary teams of technical officers, representing partner institutions- Zvecan, Zubin Potok, Mitrovica North and Leposavic, as well as non-governmental organizations from the same region, aimed at envisioning and planning the future together.

Intended at exchanging experiences from similar kind of processes, being implemented in diverse contexts and regions, the invitation for the activity has also been extended to guest municipalities of Gracanice/ Gracanica and Kamenice/ Kamenica.

The regional visioning will lead the way for the development of respective Municipal Development Plans of concerned municipalities and ultimately result with identification of priority issues and projects applicable at the regional scale, in the domain of economy, infrastructure, environment, etc. Inter-municipal and ‘regional’ development cooperation will be the backbone for implementing this shared vision for northern Kosovo.

Today, as a driving starting-point, we have devised the first map of memories of northern Kosovo.

Follow us to find out more on the regional visioning and planning outcome.