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Kosovo Municipalities and final legal steps before the legalization process begins!!!


The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) today presented the draft Administrative Instruction on “Appeals procedures against decision on treatment of construction without permit”to the Directors of the Spatial Planning Collegia of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities supported by the Inclusive Development Programme/ UN-Habitat. This draft Administrative Instruction appertains to the legal package for treating buildings without permits and is an integral part of the legalization process for building Category I and II which will be led by Kosovo Municipalities. The questions raised after the presentation of the draft administrative instruction stimulated discussions between the participating municipalities and MESP and the exchange of experiences and challenges for the legalization process through the City-to-City dialogue.

Good practice for evaluating the Municipal Development Plan was presented by officials from the Municipality of Mitrovica South. Tools of the assessment in relation to the legal planning framework,the process, involved parties, the role of the Municipal Planning Team, methodology and the production of the final report all and supported by the Inclusive Development Programme/ UN-Habitat, showed that Municipalities can make self-assessment of the implementation of spatial plans.

Finally, the participants of Collegia approved the work plan for 2019.Looking forward to implementing it together!