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New developments from the last meeting of Collegia of Spatial Planning


The Association of Kosovo Municipalities with the support of the Inclusive Development Programme/ UN-Habitat held today its regular meeting with the Urbanism Directors from the Collegia of Spatial Planning of Kosovo Municipalities. In this meeting was presented and discussed the online questionnaire “GIS assessment of Kosovo municipalities”. Main talking points here were: presentation, findings and the methodology of this assessment.

A dedicated panel also discussed the Municipal Zoning Map development process and the initial challenges and lessons learned that municipalities face in this process. Representatives from the municipalities of Vushtrri and Fushe Kosovo discussed the importance of the Municipal Planning Team in drafting the Municipal Zoning Map. Experiences and thoughts were shared about hiring consulting companies in that process and the final steps that include public hearings with residents to receive suggestions from them and incorporating them into the final version of the Municipal Zoning Map. Further exchange will be held on that topic that triggered a lot of interest and comments among municipalities!

In conclusion of the meeting, it was proposed to assess the daily challenges of urbanism departments in Kosovo Municipalities with a view to tailor some specific presentations or activities.