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Public outreach steps taken for the preliminary zoning of urban and rural settlements in Skenderaj


Within the last two weeks in the Municipality of Skenderaj/ Srbica were held seven consultation meeting on the preliminary zoning of urban and rural settlements. For the purpose of functionality and outreach, Inclusive Development Programme/ UN-Habitat, Municipality of Skenderaj/ Srbica and Vizion Project, a consultation engaged by the latter; organized the meetings on a larger rural unit basis and a meeting in the city as well (Prekaz i Epërm, Klinë e Epërme, Likoc, Turiqec, Çirez, Llaushë and Skenderaj).

Participants were thoroughly presented with the preliminary zoning and draft transportation and public/ social infrastructure of the entire municipal territory which derived from the Municipal Development Plan proposals and recent analysis conducted after the upgrade of spatial planning database which is still ongoing. The inputs from the public were mainly on the zone borders, certain construction conditions proposed for the preliminary zones and on infrastructure proposed.

All the proposals extracted during the meetings and the potential ones expected afterwards after the invitation for the public to be proactive are going to be evaluated and added accordingly in the proces of developing the Municipal Zoning Map.