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The workshop for the evaluation of the Municipal Development Plan of Mamusha in relation to the drafting of the Municipal Zoning Map is completed


The Municipality of Mamusha, supported by UN-Habitat Office in Kosovo held a 3-day workshop that took place during the 2nd week of July in Bitola, North Macedonia.

The main purpose of this event was the Evaluation of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) of Mamusha (2014-2023), thus measuring the legal and conceptual validity of the document that would further support the completion of the next phase which is Municipal Zoning Map (MZM). Around 30 officials (Mayor of Mamusha, municipal staff coming from various departments, representatives of public regional companies and civil society organizations)participated in delivering the objectives of this workshop including the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP)/Institute for Spatial Planning (ISP) representatives as well.

Upon arrival at the designated location, welcoming notes took over followed by an introductory session among the municipal staff and the facilitators. The first day of the workshop started with several presentations by MESP and UN-Habitat representatives addressing the legal framework of MDP and MZM, earlier experiences in the planning process and other aspects of evaluation.

The second activity of the day was dividing participants into 7 focus groups, each delivering a thematic field (Land and Urban Planning, Public Space, Plots and Blocks, Development Rights, Building Codes, Land-based Finance, Graphics) relevant to the Sustainability Assessment Framework. The aim of this exercise was to familiarize all participants with the sustainability assessment methodology and jointly practice this methodology to assess the sustainability of the planning processes and documents.

The second and third days of the workshop were solely dedicated to the MDP Evaluation and Implementation tools, respectively. The second day was divided into two sessions: (1) Evaluation of MDP’s profile data and (2) Evaluation of the MDP planned development. Seven groups again were formed each covering a respective field in line with the municipal document (MDP structure + Economic Infrastructure/surfaces, Settlements + Residential Infrastructure, Demography + Economic Infrastructure/Enterprise + Budget, Social/Public Infrastructure and Services, Technical Services and Infrastructure, Public transport infrastructure, Cultural and Natural Heritage + Environment).

During the final day, implemented activities/services for each MDP thematic field and objective were identified and assessed. Six groups were formed covering relevant interdisciplinary fields (Social Development, Economic Development, Public Transport Infrastructure, Technical Infrastructure, Land use, settlements and housing, Environment, heritage, risk assessment and disaster management). All of the groups discussed and presented their findings at the end of each particular session.

According to the presented evaluation findings, the current MDP was partly implemented. The only objective that was mostly achieved is the one related to the road infrastructure, where the most projects were implemented by the Municipality of Mamusha. The positive fact is that MDP of Mamusha is valid until 2023, meaning that still there is time for achieving other objectives (and activities/projects) presented within the MDP.

At the end, it was concluded that all the evaluation results will be analyzed and presented in one comprehensive report, including the final recommendations regarding further steps towards drafting the Municipal Zoning Map of Mamusha. In addition, UN-Habitat and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning expressed their readiness to support the municipality of Mamusha in moving forward regarding drafting the planning documents.