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Towards assessing the performance of the mobility system in support of the sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) in Mitrovica South


Beyond the traffic counting in the city, the SUMP process is now being enriched with qualitative data on the mobility system performance. Processed quantitative (traffic counting) and qualitative (citizen survey) data together with the existing planning framework will be jointly assessed in the next phase of the process, Situation Analysis and Key Findings.

The survey involved the general population and targeted groups such as schools, the elderly, the visual impaired, HANDIKOS etc. This important step concluded last week with a meeting between the working group and the institutions (Kosovo Police, Post, Bus Station, and Health Care Center etc.) that daily operate in the municipality, to discuss the difficulties encountered in the traffic during their daily work as well as initial proposals and recommendations to be addressed by the plan.

SUMP is supported by the Inclusive Development Programme, which is being implemented by UN-Habitat, PAX and CBM and funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).