Mamusha Municipal Development Plan 2014-2023

Spatial planning is a planning activity that aims spatial coordination of all activities and processes in order to establish long-term, sustainable frameworks for social, economic and cultural development, taking into account environmental considerations. With its multidisciplinary approach, the key role of spatial planning is to enhance integration between sectoral policies and plans by ensuring the rational use of land and preservation of cultural and natural values of space.
The spatial planning framework in Kosovo is determined by the Law on Spatial Planning No.2003/14 and Law No.2003/L-106 on Amending Law on Spatial Planning No.2003/14. Adapting to meet international standards, a new inclusive and multi-disciplinary planning approach is introduced based on the concept of participatory strategic planning. The legislation determines the roles and responsibilities of the central and local level in drafting of the hierarchy of strategic spatial plans based on the principles of sustainable development, procedures for public review and participation and involvement of different stakeholders in the planning process.

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