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Environmental Assessment Report LEAP Obiliq

Regarding the implementation of this research in the urban area of Obiliq there have been interviewed 500 respondents where 90 % of them were Albanians and 10 % minorities. This distribution of the sample was further divided according to gender aspect: 51 % male and 49 % female, equal division according to the data of census carried out during spring 2011. The division of the sample continued further according to the age for both males and females: 10 % of the respondents constituted the age group under 18 years old; 20 % from the age group 18 to 25 years; 43 % from the age group 25 to 50 years; 20 % from the age group 50 to 65 years; and 7 % from the age group above 65 years. This age group division was based on the number of the respondents which constitute this age group and their reflection regarding the social, political and economical life, and the influence and the reflection that they might have in the near future.

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