Guidelines for drafting Strategic Environmental Assessment

These guidelines are resulting from MuSPP’s experience in supporting spatial and environmental planning processes in Kosovo. They aim to assist central and local governments by providing recommendations for the implementation of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Kosovo, following the adoption of the 2001 SEA European Union Directive into Kosovo’s legislation, and in particular regarding spatial planning processes. This guidance is arranged in a way that will encourage users to consider the environmental impacts of plans and programmes in specific spatial planning contexts. Findings from the first SEA processes in Kosovo have set the basis for the guidelines which offer lessons relevant to other communities, both in Kosovo and the Balkan region, as they consider different options for environmental planning and integrated development planning. Further to the plan evaluation, the environmental assessment in the context of Kosovo offers opportunities to raise awareness to environmental considerations in planning. It also encompasses a range of monitoring and mitigation measures to be further developed by the municipalities when implementing their local development plans as part of an integrated approach to effective sustainable development planning. To support these guidelines the following examples of SEA’s reports are also included: SEA Report for MDP of Mamushë/Mamuša SEA Report for MDP of Partesh/Parteš SEA Report for MDP of Prizren/Prizreni

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