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Publication Reports
Annual Report of the Collegium of Spatial Planning within the Association of Kosovo Municipalities (AKM) learn more
Neighborhood Based Plan Deliberation (NBPD) for Mitrovica South learn more
Municipal Development Plan of Mamusha Evaluation Report learn more
Regional Visioning Workshop Report learn more
Pristina Public Spaces learn more
MDP Evaluation Report Mitrovica South learn more
Evaluation of Municipal Development Plan Report learn more
Gender Analysis in north Kosovo and concerned local authorities learn more
Baseline Assessment Report Summary learn more
Public Space Profile Pristina learn more
Baseline Assessment Report learn more
Baseline Assessment Report ANNEX learn more
Turning Spaces into Places – handbook learn more
Guidelines for drafting Strategic Environmental Assessment learn more
Municipal Housing Profile – The Case of the Municipality of Gjilan learn more
Handbook on Visioning learn more
A Guide to managing Capital Investment Projects learn more
Making Cities Better A Decade Together learn more
Report on Tree Survey and Green Management learn more
Gender Mainstreaming learn more
Partner Municipalities Workshop in Ohrid learn more
Report Malisheva Visioning Workshop learn more
Visioning Workshop Report Partes learn more
Report from Visioning Workshop Gračanica learn more
Gender Approach in MuSPP learn more
Visioning Workshop – The Quality of the Living Environment in Mitrovica learn more