Public Space Profile Pristina

The Public Space Profile forms a policy driven overview of the current practice of public space development and management in the Municipality of Pristina as well as a profiling of the public space supply and quality at the city scale.

The profile addresses a number of aspects with regard to the institutional, technical and human dimension of Pristina public space, including:

– The current development and management processes of public space, looking at the entire spatial planning cycle, steps and the applied methodological tools;
– A brief overview of the legal framework and the relevant municipal mechanisms that support public space development processes at the local level;
– A stakeholder analysis, with a focus on the municipal organizational setup, supporting municipal partners as well as the civil society organizations and citizens.
– A brief analytical glance at the municipal spatial planning documents, projects and initiatives for public space development;
– A baseline analysis of public space supply and quality in the city of Pristina against various parameters among others accessibility, comfort, safety but also the perception by users.

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