Neighborhood Based Plan Deliberation (NBPD) for Mitrovica South

Neighborhood Based Plan Deliberation (NBPD) was initiated in 2017 as a request from the Municipality of Mitrovica South, which  identified an area by the Ibër/Ibar River (within its urban territory) as a strategic zone for the municipality’s development. Neighborhoods included in this zone are Fidanishte, Roma Mahalla, Ilirida, Center and Zhabar i Poshtëm neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods is different in terms of spatial, contextual and socio-economic characteristics; however, the rapid developments of the recent times in the entire area have been influencing each one of them. As a result, these developments need to be coordinated and oriented towards a common development vision, so that each neighborhood will benefit and not be penalized from them. With the purpose of sustainable and inclusive development of these neighborhoods, their communities need to be involved in the related planning and discussing processes. Only by including the voices of the residents for their related necessities and requirements can a vision for a common future be derived, based on the values and the priorities of the neighborhoods, which besides offering a realistic solution and be easily implemented, will also strengthen the feeling of belonging, ownership and responsibility of the local communities.

Neighborhood Based Plan Deliberation (NBPD) for Mitrovica South download