SEA for the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) for Rahovec

The main aim of the current strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is to identify whether
there are any likely or significant environmental impacts included in the implementation of
Rahovec municipal development plan. It is oriented to support the decision making authorities
to achieve the best possible planning solution and to work out such a strategic and spatial
approach which most effectively avoids any negative environmental effects. The objective of
the SEA is to explain, describe and evaluate the significant environmental impacts of the
MDP implementation, provide alternative solutions and mitigation measures of negative
impacts (if the latter occur). It is important to emphasize that the environmental impact could
be considered significant if it is likely going to exceed area’s environmental capacity, to cause
irreversible changes in the environment compared to current situation or to pose a threat to
human health and welfare, cultural heritage or assets. The assessment takes into consideration
that environment consists all of the living space and is therefore an environment at the broader
sense including economic, social, cultural and natural components.

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