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Public review of draft -Municipal Development Plan of Prizren 2010-2025+

The Municipality of Prizren in cooperation with a consortium contracted to draft the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), has completed the fourth and fifth phase of the first draft of the "Prizren MDP 2010 - 2025+". The drafting of the MDP has been comprehensive, inclusive and transparent and was supported by UN-HABITAT’s Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (MuSPP) throughout the whole process.

With the purpose of encouraging the public, stakeholders and all interested parties to provide feedback regarding the first draft of MDP, as well as in keeping with the Law on Spatial Planning in Kosovo, on 24th of March 2011 in the Municipal Assembly hall of Prizren, the public review of the first draft of MDP was launched. The public review was attended by representatives of the municipality, civil society, designing company, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, UN-HABITAT and USAID.

Presented at the meeting were the final two phases of the MDP. The presentation of Implementation Strategies and Actions demonstrated the strategies and actions necessary for the achievement of the determined goals for the particular period; and presentation of the Implementation Provisions phase showed the provisions which are essential to insure the MDP’s implementation. 


The participants gave recommendations and suggestions to the municipality and contracted company on the existing draft MDP at the launch. However, it is expected that they will also provide written comments throughout the public review period. This public review period will last 60 days as per required by the Law on Spatial Planning in Kosovo.


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