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The public discussion for the Disaster Risk Assessment Management and Transport component opens

The Municipality of Ferizaj/Urosevac, being supported by the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme in Kosovo (MuSPP) funded by Sida and implemented by UN-HABITAT has drafted the DRAM and Transport component of MDP/UDP.

With the purpose of having an inclusive, participatory and transparent planning process a public discussion was organized for the Disaster Risk Assessment Management (DRAM) and Transport documents. The presentation took place on 25th of March 2011, in Ferizaj/Urosevac Municipal Assembly Hall. It was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (Department of Spatial Planning), Ministry of Economic Development - Institute for Seismology, representatives of the neighboring municipality Gjilan/Gnjilane- Directorate of Urbanism and Emergency, Kosovo Police Service - Fire department, OSCE, civil society, local media in Ferizaj/Urosevac as well as MuSPP officials. There were approximately 60 participants in the event.

The aim of the public presentation was to present the component’s findings and subsequently obtain opinions and comments from different relevant institutions, stakeholders and public with the purpose of improvement of the final draft of the documents. The draft documents were presented at the event, and they were also sent to the participants for written comments.

In her opening speech Ms. Qazime Vata, the director of Urbanism, Cadastre and Environment in the Municipality of Ferizaj, stated that the Municipality approved the MDP/UDP in 2009, however they assessed that some chapters needed to be further strengthened and as a result DRAM and Transport documents have been drafted which will contribute to development control in disaster prone areas and for transport and mobility development in the drafting of urban regulatory plans.

Mr. Ishaku Maitumbi (OIC, UN-HABITAT) emphasized the importance of the documents and stated that disasters cannot be predicted; however through planning the impact of disasters can be reduced.

Representative from the Institute of Seismology, Mr. Shemsi Mustafa, emphasized the importance of applying building codes during construction, since the region of Ferizaj/Urosevac is in high seismic zone. He also stated that new Kosovo seismic maps are available. There were different opinions from citizens for the location of the Mobility centre.

After the public discussion the documents have been sent to the participants for their comments. The final review will take place after the comments from the public discussion are received, and the final document will then be submitted to the Assembly for approval.


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