Central Government


The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has been central level partner to several programmes of UN-HABITAT focused on spatial and urban planning. The Ministry houses the Institute of Spatial Planning established and trained under the Urban Planning and Management Programme and the Governance and Development Planning Programme , both programmes funded by the Governemnt of the Netherlands .  

The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has been a partner in organizing workshops and conferences on Informal Settlements. Kosovo Government is a signatory to the Vienna Declaration which commits countries of the South East Europe to solve the problem of informal settlements by 2015. Other areas of cooperation include Special Protection Zones, environmental issues including Strategic Environmental Assesment of Spatial and urban plans. 

More about MESP you can found in the official website 




UN-HABITAT Pristina Office:

Ministries Building "Rilindja", 10th Floor
10000 Prishtina, Kosovo
Phone: +381 38 200 32611
Fax: +381 38 224 122

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