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The Partite Review Meeting on Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (MuSPP)

12 December 2008

Stakeholders gathered at Hotel Grand in Pristina on 12 December to review MuSPP2 progress and discuss future cooperation and challenges through the programme implementation. Participants in this meeting were representatives of Swedish Liaison Office/Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) the Department and Institute of Spatial Planning, Culture Heritage without Borders (CHwB), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), Partner Municipalities, UN-HABITAT Regional Office in Warsaw, and MuSPP UN-HABITAT here for more information

Mitrovica Public Review - Opened

25 November 2008

Over the last two years, Mitrovica has been working on the municipal and urban development plans. The process of drafting these plans is now in the final stage and is out for public review. The launch of the public review took place in the cultural center in Mitrovica on 14th of November 2008. There was a high attendance by citizens, representatives of Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, public institutions, international organizations, KFOR here for more information

World Habitat Day 2008 in Kosovo

06 October 2008

On 6th October, the World Habitat Day 2008, this year under the motto “Harmonious Cities”, was celebrated in Prizren, an old historical town in Kosovo. Municipal officials, representatives from local NGOs, pupils from two schools and MuSPP/ UN-HABITAT team took part in two main activities: a drawing exercise and a round table discussion on the challenges of harmonization of the built-up and natural here for more information

Statement of the Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka

02 October 2008

Today we mark World Habitat Day at a time the majority of the world’s people are living in towns and cities. And the process is accelerating. This transformation has a direct bearing on the strategies we must adopt to attain the Millennium Development Goals. The other historic turning point is that the number of urban slum dwellers around the world is moving above the 1 billion mark, making it clear that the urbanization of poverty is arguably one of the biggest development here for more information

Culture Tour 2008

22 September 2008

Culture Tour 2008 is a leisure bicycle tour from Peja/Pec to Gjakova/Djakovica, via Isniq/Isnic, Deçan/Decane and Junik. click here for more information

Ceremony Awards of International Competition for Mobility Centre in Ferizaj/Urosevac

03 September 2008

Designers from Australia, Sweden and Kosovo, the winners of the International Design Competition for the Mobility Centre in Ferizaj/Urosevac, will be honored at a special ceremony on September 9, 2008, held in the building of Kosovo Railways in Fushë Kosovë/ Kosovo Polje. click here for more information

Inauguration of demo-project ““Triangle near the Solana Park” in Mitrovica

02 July 2008

On Tuesday, 1st of July 2008, the demo-project on “Triangle near the Solana park” was inaugurated during a ceremony organised by municipality of Mitrovica and UN-HABITAT. This project was co-financed by the municipality and UN-HABITAT’s Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme in Kosovo. The Mayor of Mitrovica municipality, Mr. Bajram Rexhepi and the UN-HABITAT’s head of office, Mr. Garth Seneque were present in the inauguration ceremony. click here for more information

Inauguration of demo-project on safer school environment in Prizren

11 June 2008

The demonstration project on the construction of the fence at the”Lidhja e Prizrenit” school, co-financed by the municipality of Prizren and MuSPP/UN-HABITAT, was inaugurated on 11 of June 2008. The inauguration ceremony was followed by sport activities and an exhibition that gathered many pupils and citizens of Prizren. click here for more information

Goodbye MuSPP1, Welcome MuSPP2

04 June 2008

On June 2nd, the fourth and last Tri Partite Review Meeting (TPR) took place in Grand Hotel. TPR meetings bring together the programme sponsor (Sida), the programme implementer (UN-HABITAT) and its counterparts (the beneficiary municipalities and central level institutions, including the Association of Kosovo Municipalities-AKM). The purpose is to monitor and evaluate the achievements and working methods of the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (MuSPP). On June 2nd “Highlights MuSPP1 2006-2008” were presented and discussed, including some of the bottlenecks experienced in this first phase. There were preliminary discussion of these achievements and bottlenecks during the Thessaloniki retreat with the mayors of the MuSPP beneficiary municipalities and central level ministries (Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning -MESP and Ministry of Local Government and Administration- MLGA), from 26 to 29 here for more information

Announcement of the Award Winners of the International Competition of the Mobility Center Ferizaj/Urosevac

23 May 2008

The Design Competition was set up as one of the six Demo–Projects of the Municipal Spatial Support Programme (MuSPP) for collecting creative ideas to turn a city vision into action. This Demo-project is a joint initiative and co-funded by the Municipality of Ferizaj/Urosevac and UN-HABITAT-MuSPP (sponsored by Sida). The International Spatial Design Competition for the Mobility Centre Project is aimed at retrieving creative ideas from spatial and urban designers all over the world. The competition was successful as it attracted 43 entries from 22 here for more information

Exhibition of the proposals from the International Competition for Mobility Centre, Ferizaj/Urosevac

12 May 2008

Starting from 13 – 17 May, in Kollegji Univerzitar i Ferizajt (KUF) will start an Exhibition of proposals from the International Competition for Mobility Centre, Ferizaj/Urosevac. The exhibition will provide the opportunity for all interested, to see the 43 proposals from all over the World, on the project idea on the Mobility Centre of Ferizaj/ Urosevac. The Professional Jury composed of experts of different field of expertise has received all the proposals and has selected eight out of 43 as the best ones. click here for more information

Cycling event in Pej√ę/ Peć: It is not between Them and Us, it is between You and Me

12 May 2008

On 3rd of May 2008, in occasion of Europe’s Day (9th of May) a combined cycling event took place in Peja. Cycling event is organized through by joint effort of UN-HABITAT MuSPP, ECLO (European Commission Liaison Office), Municipality of Peja, cycling club Peja and SSF (Sports Sans Frontiere/NGO). Cycling event on 3rd of May was divided in two parts. click here for more information

The demo-project in Gjakova/Djakovica on upgrading the city park was inaugurated

02 May 2008

People of Gjakova/Djakovica are provided with better conditions for spending their free time in the city park. This was done thanks to the implemented of joint project co-financed by municipality of Gjakova/Djakovica and the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme of UN-HABITAT in Kosovo. click here for more information

Design competition is closed

21 March 2008

The International Spatial Design Competition for the Mobility Centre Project in Ferizaj/Uroševac is now closed. A good number of entries have been delivered and the teams behind the received proposals have been notified by e-mail. The Technical Jury and Selection Committee will soon start their work. Any news concerning the competition will be announced at the UN-Habitat Kosovo website. click here for more information

UN-HABITAT Kosovo office organized retraining for the new MuSPP counterparts

14 March 2008

As result of the latest elections, there have been many changes in the composition of municipal staff and related organizations. Under the motto “Making Better Cities Together”, UN-HABITAT Kosovo organized a “Retraining Workshop” on the essentials of Strategic Spatial and Urban Planning. The Retraining Workshop took take place in Victory Hotel, on March 11th, 2008. The Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) supported the retraining by providing a session on the legal procedures of local planning and on the Kosovo Spatial Plan as well. click here for more information

Kosovo spatial planners receive certificates

07 March 2008

Spatial planners, the current and former staff of the Kosovo Institute for Spatial Planning received certificates of the successful completion of a the Training in Spatial and Development Planning for Kosovo at a gala event hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) on March 7, 2008. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of UN-HABITAT in Kosovo and the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as the organisations which assisted in the establishment of the Kosovo Institute of Spatial Planning and supported the capacity building programme for its staff. click here for more information

Municipal Spatial Planning Programme newsletter 5

27 February 2008

MuSP programme of UN-HABITAT in Kosovo issued the fifth newsletter. In this edition the focus is on public space and urban design, with practices in Mitrovica, Gjakova/Djakovica and Ferizaj/Urosevac. click here for more information

Ministry of Environment and UN-HABITAT Kosovo Office meet with MuSPP Counterparts

04 February 2008

Under the motto “Making Better Cities Together”, the UN-HABITAT representatives and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) met on 1 of February with the deputy-minister of the Ministry of Local Government and Administration (MLGA), Mr. Shpend Tërdevci, Ms. Ann-Sofie Nilsson, the head of Swedish Liaison Office, mayors of Gjakova/Djakovica, Prizren, Ferizaj/Urosevac, Pejë/Pec and Gjilan/Gnjilane and representatives from Mitrovica municipality and the executive director of the Association of Kosovo municipalities (AKM), Mr. Sazan Ibrahimi. click here for more information

First announcement of the World Urban Forum (WUF) 4

21 January 2008

Announcement: Harmonious Urbanisation: The Challenge of Balanced Territorial Development UN-HABITAT and the Government of China welcome you to the Fourth session of the World Urban Forum at the Nanjing Convention and Exhibition Centre, 13–17 October, 2008. Held every two years, the Forum is the world’s premier conference on cities and the problems they face in a world where half of humanity is urbanized – in the new era of homo urbanus. click here for more information


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