Prishtinë/a, 31 Tetor 2007: Konferencë mbi Transportin Publik: organizimi, politikat dhe planifikimi.



Pejë/Pec, April 19th 2007: Snap-shots from the Conference on the State of Play of Municipal and Urban Planning in Kosovo. The conference was held on the occasion of the conclusion of the approval procedure of Pejë/Pec’s Municipal and Urban Development Plan.




New York , October 2006: The MuSPP/UN-HABITAT office in Kosovo was among 3000 representatives of non-governmental organisations, UN agencies and government officials from 90 countries who gathered at United Nation Headquarters in New York for the 59th DPI/NGO Annual Conference.



Istanbul , September 14-18th 2006: MuSPP/UN-HABITAT Kosovo together with a delegation of two planners from the municipality of Mitrovica participated in the 42nd ISOCARP Planning Congress.




Pristina, September 27-28 2006: Kosovar and international experts, representatives of central and local level government bodies, civil society organisations and business community discussed a broad spectrum of issues during the Regional Conference on Good Urban Governance.








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